Permanent Makeup

Preis 3500.00 EURO

Discover the fascinating world of permanent make-up with our comprehensive training course! Our course provides you with all the necessary specialist knowledge to successfully work as a permanent make-up artist. You will learn everything about makeup, dermatology, color theory and skin undertone in order to achieve the perfect pigmentation. Selecting the right equipment and hygiene measures are also part of the curriculum. You will also learn how to conduct a professional introductory consultation, carry out anesthesia and perfect the treatment process. With our marketing know-how, your entry into the industry will be a complete success. Learn from experienced professionals and expand your career opportunities in the beauty sector with our permanent make-up course! In practical exercises you will deepen the knowledge you have acquired and can gain your first experiences straight away. You will be trained in eyebrow pigmentation by demonstrating two different techniques and then being able to practice on models. The eyeliner technique will also be demonstrated and implemented by you on models. In the lip liner technique, you will learn about lip pigmentation by receiving a demonstration and performing practical exercises on models. You will also learn the “Full Lip” technique, in which you color the entire lip, liplight and the enlargement of narrow lips.